Merchant's Harbor

The Hill: This is where the rich people of the city live. There are many nice homes here and everything is kept clean and well groomed. This is where meetings take place, making decisions regarding the good of the city. It is complete with it’s own park and a beautifully carved cemetery and catacombs system for those of high regard to rest after death.

Market District: Located in the center of the city, merchandise is sold and bought here. Shops selling goods such as weapons, clothing, food, herbs, and general goods can be found here. There is an inn, eatery, and brewery within the district and a very skilled blacksmith hard at work and happy to make custom armor and weapons for those with the gold to pay for it.

Guild Square: The Fighter’s Guild resides here, complete with extensive training grounds and barracks as well as the Merchant’s Guild and a school for the well to do to get an education. Guild Square also contains the city’s only church with in the Merchant’s Guild’s walls.

The Docks: This is a somewhat shady part of town. Respectable people are not often seen in this part of the city. The Docks have a few places to rest and grab a bite to eat, but is rumored to house the Theif’s Guild as well as a darker secret society. Unwary travellers who board their animals or take refuge here are often changed after spending a night or two in this district.

The South End: If the Docks are iffy, then the South End is absolutely off limits. The homeless live down here, and there is no law. This allows for illegal activities and sales as well as smuggling goods in or out. It is a filthy part of town where the people of “finer stock” would never find themselves by choice. Crimes of all natures happen here regularly without the watchful eyes of the guild.

Merchant's Harbor

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